Run your entire fitness business from one simple, secure platform.

Developed by professional athletes, Kinesis Training is the all-in-one platform that allows you to build your online fitness business that gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best - training clients.

What your clients will get

  • Enhanced Privacy. With classes run through Kinesis, only the instructor can see everyone in the class.
  • Access to your online calendar of sessions, allowing them to pick and choose a time that suits them to work out.
  • An integrated pay-as-you-go model where they can pay by Card or BankTransfer on a per session basis.
  • Push Notifications before their sessions start, all organised by you.
  • Promotions and discounts, or sign up offers. Whatever you want to do to incentivise your client base, Kinesis has you covered.
  • iOS, Android and Web access.
  • Apple and Google Sign In capability.
What you will get
  • Happy clients, thanks to the all-in-one platform that they will love using.
  • Freedom.
  • Instructors will finally be free from chasing payments following zoom sessions, or sending receipts and invoices, or emailing clients to remind them of sessions. Freedom to just focus on running your sessions.
  • Of course, Kinesis offers full support from our dedicated back office team should you need help organising your class calendar, or sending push notifications to your clients. We’ve got you covered.

01. About app

We are innovators

Schedule, Interactive Trainings, Payments are now part of one app


Enhanced privacy controls make you visible only to the necessary people... your trainers.


Find the workout that suits you and reserve your seat. Be fast!


Supports Desktop, iOS (12+) and Android Devices (8+).


Use your Apple or Google account and get instant access to the available workouts.

02. App screens

Look how it works

3. FAQ


Sign Up

You can sign up using 3 different ways:
  • Apple Sign Up
  • Google Sign Up
  • Using your own email / password
After you have finished your registration process someone from the Kinesis Training Team will review and verify your account.


You can sign in using 3 different ways:
  • Apple Sign In
  • Google Sign In
  • Using your own email / password
You must be verified prior to getting access. You will get notified after your registration processing is finished.

Purchase Trainings

Navigate through the variety of scheduled workouts and book your seat. Kinesis Training will notify you via push notifications that your workout is about to start! If you dont have credits check how you can load your virtual wallet with credits here.

Live Streaming

Kinesis Training uses an embedded video platform with main focus on user privacy. Our video platform has a built-in feature so that customers cannot see each other but only themselves and the trainer(s) - when their camera is on. This feature gives people the ability to open their cameras to their trainers!

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