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Kinesis training is the all-in-one platform to build your online gym. Kinesis offers out of the box the following features:

  • Apple, Google Sign In
  • Schedule: You can know build your daily/monthly weekly schedule using an online calendar.
  • Payments: Kinesis offers payments by Credit Card, Bank Account for your customers. You don't have to worry about how you will get paid for your services!
  • Pay as you go model: Kinesis' per session model offers to your customers the flexibility to pay only when they attend their session.
  • Promotions: You can know utilize Kinesis' promotional engine to give vouchers to your customers.
  • Push Notifications: You customers will get notified when their session is due to start!
  • Enhanced Privacy: Kinesis ensures that your customers cannot see each other. Only the instructor has the ability to see all the customers, that guarantees maximum results for the workout.
  • Web, iOS and Android access
  • Support: Our experienced back office offers you support in difficult times.
  • And many more...

01. About app

We are innovators

Schedule, Interactive Trainings, Payments are now part of one app


Enhanced privacy controls make you visible only to the necessary people... your trainers.


Find the workout that suits you and reserve your seat. Be fast!


Supports Desktop, iOS (12+) and Android Devices (8+).


Use your Apple or Google account and get instant access to the available workouts.

02. App screens

Look how it works

3. FAQ


Sign Up

You can sign up using 3 different ways:
  • Apple Sign Up
  • Google Sign Up
  • Using your own email / password
After you have finished your registration process someone from the Kinesis Training Team will review and verify your account.


You can sign in using 3 different ways:
  • Apple Sign In
  • Google Sign In
  • Using your own email / password
You must be verified prior to getting access. You will get notified after your registration processing is finished.

Purchase Trainings

Navigate through the variety of scheduled workouts and book your seat. Kinesis Training will notify you via push notifications that your workout is about to start! If you dont have credits check how you can load your virtual wallet with credits here.

Live Streaming

Kinesis Training uses an embedded video platform with main focus on user privacy. Our video platform has a built-in feature so that customers cannot see each other but only themselves and the trainer(s) - when their camera is on. This feature gives people the ability to open their cameras to their trainers!

Privacy policy

Find here our privacy policy

Terms And Conditions

Find here our terms and conditions

Support FAQ

For any issues email us at app@kinesis-training.com


For each 1 € you will receive 100 credits to your virtual wallet and the credits added after a successful payment are expiring after 90 days if not used. Find below how you can load credits to your virtual wallet:

Using a Credit / Debit Card
From your browser
From the left navigation bar press Add Funds -> Add with Credit / Debit Card. A wizard will appear where you can enter your card details, select the amount and submit the payment

From your mobile app
From the bottom navigation bar press Me -> My Wallet -> Add with Credit / Debit Card. A menu will appear where you can add your card details, select the amount and submit the payment.
When you add funds using your credit cards, the credits will automatically appear to your wallet after the payment is successfully submitted.

Using bank transfer
Currently we support loading funds via bank transfer to the following banks
  • Alpha Bank GR0901403600360002002012445 KINESIS TRAINING IKE
  • Eurobank GR6902602530000490201215500 KINESIS TRAINING IKE
Send us the bank receipt at payments@kinesis-training.com after the bank transfer to load the credits to your account.

Contact us

Don't hesitate to contact us

Email us at app@kinesis-training.com

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